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E-mail Dr. Fogarassy at today, for presentations in the subject tomorrow.


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including teacher preparation and other IN THE SUBJECT, for your school, community or government event, also RESIDENCY by special arrangement.



AIMED AT EARLY PREVENTION OF THE FORMS OF TERRORISM, has  your country implemented a Comprehensive National Plan? Does it include input from various disciplines that will reconcile differences between migrant workers, emigrants and indigenous people? Will it help integrate minority and majority populations without losing their identities through assimilation? Is it aware and ready to address the equally critical issues of INTELLECTUAL TERRORISM?**


DR. FOGARASSY’S program is not a “quick fix.” It is a long term project that could initiate or complement an existing plan through its unique, dynamic DIVERSIFIED MOVEMENT and BEHAVIORAL SCIENCE components, which include PSYCHOSOMATIC CREATION, OBSERVATION, ANALYSIS and INTERPRETATION OF MOVEMENT.


WHEN these components are adopted into curriculums for target populations, BEHAVIORAL PREDICTABILITY ASSESSMENT will enable you to weed out and reshape behaviors that may lead to troubled social behavior later.


FUSION® Euro/Asia & Overseas FUSION DANCE® In the USA

CULTURAL GUARD Newsletter Volume 28, No. 4

December 5, 2006 WINTER 06-07 WEB SITE EDITION (revised08)

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The First and Only DIVERSIFIED MOVEMENT PROGRAM  that will provide educational back-up for government or other efforts to FIGHT BOTH CONVENTIONAL* AND INTELLECTUAL** TERRORISM directly up front:






**INTELLECTUAL TERRORISM, as originally researched and named years ago by Dr. Fogarassy,  is the act of ripping-off intellectual property, defined as “creation of the mind” by the World Trade Organization. The use of Dr. Fogarassy’s trademarks listed above and elsewhere herein by anyone setting up internet or off-line sites or functions are for Dr. Fogarassy’s exclusive use. When used by others, it seriously affects his marks and the work of a lifetime invested in them and detracts from his underlying PROGRAM and its effectiveness in positively affecting the lives it was designed to save, including your own and your loved ones’.


LEARNED PEOPLE could not graduate from any respectable school or university if caught passing off as their own another person’s “creation of the mind” who, whether in ancient or modern times, brought about new meanings of the relationship of words denoting a new theory and practice. Dr. Fogarassy’s trademarks denote just such a relationship and have been held by him since 1966. COMMITTING the gravest academic and professional ethical offense, PLAGIARISM (after graduation for which one could have been expelled before) calls into question the authenticity of one’s academic work and diploma or degree, suspecting the latter may not worth the paper it’s written on.


UNDETECTED OFFENDERS in their postgraduate careers and interest, might have influenced rules and laws which were supposed to regulate their own activities, apparently encouraging more plagiarism and infringement to maintain the system.







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The Fogarassy FUSION®   DANCEFUSION®   FUSION  DANCE® and FUSIONDANCER® 1966 AND 1979-80 global priority trademarks and their underlying Cultural and Artistic Diversity Theory and Practice products and services, which they symbolize but do not describe, now also feature an entirely optional, extraordinary dimension for the braves:  




Education Program AVAILABLE IN YOUR COUNTRY to help you and your government






The Style Master


The    Style   Warrior

that could be YOU!


THE PROGRAM under the quoted motto basically means FREEDOM not “fusion” and subsequent assimilation and disappearance without a trace of the people and their forms of movement which radiate their cultural life.  The latter is a message of extinction to people throughout the world who are striving to be free. It is sent by those who infringe and generically use Dr. Fogarassy’s merely symbolic trademarks  as descriptions and misnomers. For example:


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